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Mosque,Medrasah and Tombs in Bursa

Dailly Tours in Bursa

Osmangazi Mausoleum

Osman Gazi,the founder of Ottoman Dynasty lived in 1258-1326.It is said that during the conquest of Bursa,Osman Gazi said to his son ‘’ When I die, let me be laid to rest under the silver dome of Bursa .‘’ After the conquest of Bursa, Osman Gazi was buried in a chapel which was a part of Saint Elias Monastery and the converted into a mausoleum.The mausoleum , collapsed by the earthquake in 1855, was rebuilt in 1863 by Sultan Abdulaziz in the same octogonal shape.

Orhangazi Mausoleum

The mausoleum is located at the entrance of the Tophane Park on the left hand side.Orhan Mosque, located on the Orhangazi Park was built in 1356-1359.Orhan Gazi, the second Ottoman ruler and the son of Osman Gazi,lived in 1281-1362.During his reign,he conquered Bursa and he also minted the first Ottoman coin.His mausoleum was built onto a chapel whichwas a part of Saint Elias Monastery and converted into a mausoleum.

Yıldırım Bayezıd Mausoluem

Yıldırım Bayezıd Mausoluem located to northwest of Yıldırım district was built by Suleyman Han in 1406.Its architect was Huseyin Bin Ali.

Yıldırım Bayezıd Mosque

Yıldırım Bayezıd Mosque –in district of Yıldırım – was built by Yıldırım Bayezıd between 1390 and 1395.It is the first mosque to be built on the new reserve T-plan that characterizes the first Ottoman mosques.The mosque was made up of cut stone.It presents the finest example of the stone workmanship of the period.It stands in a delightfull setting.

The Mausoleum of  Shahzade Ahmed

This octaonal mausoleum was built for Shahzade Ahmed by his brother; Yavuz Sultan Selim.Its located to the southeast of Muradiye Mosque.

The Mausoleum Of Cem Sultan

Cem Sultan, the little sun of  Sultan Mehmet the Conquerer, reigned the country for only 18 days.He minted coins on which his name was written.

The Muradiye Medrese (The School Of Theology)

Although there is no inscription of school,from the marble slap we can understand that the Muradiye Medrese was built by Murad II in 1425-1426.It is the most beautiful medrese in Bursa.

Muradiye Mausoleums

Muradiye Mausoleums located, in a vast garden in Muradiye district,consist of 12 mausoleums which belong to Murad II and his relatives.In the garden, there are the mausoleums of Cem Sultan ,Shahzade Mustafa,Shahzade Ahmed, Shahzade Alaaddin,Shahzade Mahmut,Gulsah Sultan,Hüma Sultan,Ebe Gülbahar,Şirin Hatun,Mükrime Hatun and the mausoleum of the concubines.

The Mausoleum Of Shahzade Mustafa

Shahzade Mustafa,the son of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, died in Amasya in 1553.He was buried in Bursa.The mausoleum was built by Selim II who was brother of  Shahzade Mustafa.

Muradiye Mosque

It is understood from the inscription that the mosque was built in 1425-1426 by Murad II. It is the last Sultan Mosque.It can be shown as the first example fort he mosques to be built as a monumental.

The Grave Of Süleyman Çelebi

The writer of ‘’Mevlid’’, Süleyman Çelebi was born in 1351,in Bursa.Durinf the reign of Yıldırım Bayezıd,he was the prayer leader of Ulu Mosque.Suleyman Çelebi whoose real name was ‘’Vesiletün-Necat’’ wrote ‘’Mevlid’’ in 1409, in Bursa. He died in 1422. The grave located on Çekirge Street was built in 1945.


Yeşil Mausoleum located  to southeast of  Yeşil Mosque. It  is one of the famous buildings which presents Ottoman characters with its construction and its china ornaments.
It was started to build while Çelebi Mehmet was alive in 1413 and it was completed  40 days ago of his death in 1421.
The mausoleum was first restored after 202 years in 1623 . It was suffered severe damages in the earthquake of 1855 and it was restored in 1863 .


Yeşil Mosque was built in 1412-1419 by Çelebi Mehmet who was  the son of Yıldırım Beyazıd.
It was defined as “the most beautiful example of Arabia and Persia  style “ by many archaeologists  and architects such as;a French traveller Charles Texier and Leon Parvillee who worked in the restoration of the dome after the earthquake .
The mosque took its name from the gren china ornaments which were on the minarets .

Emir Sultan

The mosque was built by Emir Sultan’s wife fort he name of Emir Sultan (Şemseddin  Mohammed Bin Ali El-Buhari)who was the superior member of Turk Sufism and.The mosque which was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1855 was restored in the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz.In each north corner,there is one minaret which was made of cut stone.The minarets present the most beatiful example of ampir and rokoko characters. I n the base of minarets there is a room fort he caretaker of mosque.In the tomb underneath lying is Emir Sultan in his coffin.Next to his grave, his wife Hundi Fatma Hatun and their son Emir Ali and their two doughters are there too lying with them. Kiosk was called ‘’ Kasr-ı Humayun’’,’’Hünkar Kiosk’’,’’Kasr-ı Milli’’,’’Republic Kiosk’’ and ‘’Atatürk Kiosk’’ in the course of time.



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